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CHAPTER 2 The Painful Past

  • I and Ashley were classmates and neighbors since we were young still we were not a good friend just acquittance. We differ from each other; she was introvert, shy and innocent who can't even speak what she wants and I am an extrovert, expressive, and bold know how to express my thoughts.
  • The difference in our temperament is not the reason for the differences between us but it's something that was hard to digest.
  • My grandmother Evelyn and her grandmother Marie are long-lasting enemies who can't tolerate even the sight of each other.
  • Whenever they came face to face both of them either taunt each other or slander and none of them can take it without retorting, and their face-off always turns into a huge commotion that entire community echoed with their sounds, and entire neighborhoods were fed up with them.
  • When the animus between the elders is so deep routed, then how can youngsters be friends.
  • Even though I and Ashley were not close still we always stare at each other as far as we want to approach, but we couldn't. Then one day I got the reason for this attraction: that was she is my half-sister.
  • We used to live in the same neighborhood and for the first time in these many years, I came to know that uncle Sebastian, Ashley's father, is my dad.
  • My mom and dad used to love each other when they were young but their elders were hindrances between their marriage and forced them into different arrange marriages.
  • My mom got divorced from her former husband even before I was born and uncle Sebastian's wife is also passed away when Ashley was young. Still, none of them remarried for these many years because they still love each other.
  • I thought when the two lovers loved each other for these many years they should be together, even fate wanted them together that's why they both lost their ex-spouse at an early age.
  • I was bold and expressive since the beginning and believe in love as well, therefore I expressed my thoughts boldly that my parents should get married.
  • As expected, their elders opposed it strongly. The more I was determined, the more strongly they opposed this alliance. And my mom and dad, even after growing up in their fifties, being parents of big girls, are controlled by their parents, but I was not.
  • I vow to make them together and fight for my parents' happiness; I was born a fatherless child and my and mother faced so many taunts of the society people and slandering comments and personally it doesn't affect me ever, but I can see my mom's helplessness.
  • My mom was pitiful who was a single parent and brought me up single-handedly between so many negative situations but never think for her happiness. She devoted herself to my life and now it was my turn to fulfill my filial piety.
  • I decided to fulfill my filial piety, no matter what, and unexpectedly Ashley join hands to support me. That was exciting my sister also wanted our parents to be together, it's good then.
  • Another person offered his help, and it was Ronald Walter, Ashley's ex-fiancé and my good friend. Our trio joined forces with a mission, and that was the biggest mistake of my life, to trust Ashley.
  • I trusted Ashley more than myself, to make our parents together and fight for the society we both sisters become best friends. Ashley was like her face, beautiful, innocent, and clear-hearted. Or perhaps she faked herself, that's why today she tried to kill me.
  • Indeed, one day our parents got married but between all this Ronald fell for me and proposed to me. At first, I reject his proposal because I don't have any ambiguous feelings for him but Ashley tried to push me towards Ronald and he also pursued with his all will.
  • Although I never felt like close attraction towards Ronald Ronald and Ashley's constant persuasion made me confused for some time and I accepted his proposal.
  • The day our marriage date fixed, I felt somebody was hell bond to break this alliance. To achieve their motive, they tried to prove that I have the wrong character, but I never imagined that it was Ashley.
  • "Stop......"
  • Sarah screams making Stefan startled, and he pressed the brake making the car stop with a jerk, not only in Stefan's car but behind them, bodyguards also have to peddle the break immediately.
  • "Sarah, what's wrong? Why did you make me stop the car?"
  • Stefan unfasten his seat belt and turned towards Sarah with concern in his eyes, but as usual, Sarah answered nothing.
  • "Sarah, if you will waste your time like this then Ashley will be successful in her plan and make Ronald get married to her. She is a very cunning woman." Stefan said.
  • "Since the day our marriage date fixed, you and Ashley tried best to tear it down and to achieve her goal. Ashley tried to poison Ronald's brain against me. I wanted to see whom Ronald trusts the most, Ashley or me?"
  • "Sarah, it's not time for such an argument. Ashley already spread the news that you ran away from your marriage by your will and to save the face of both the family she was going to get married to Ronald."
  • No matter how much Stefan tried, Sarah didn't budge from her decision. She has a strong opinion and nobody can control her.
  • "If Ronald will believe Ashley and get married to her, that means he never loved me because love without trust is like a body without a soul, but if he truly loves me and trusts me, then he will wait for me till eternity."
  • Stefan's face turned red in controlling anger. This girl is crazy. Stefan was working so hard to not let any injustice happen with her but she is behaving all crazy.
  • It wasn't easy for Stefan to find out Sarah whereabouts in just a few hours, the moment he came to know that Ashley has done something evil to Sarah, he made all his detective, guards, and errands run across the whole city to find where Ashley was sometimes before and what happened to Sarah
  • Now also he is driving at its fastest pace so that Sarah could reach on time for her marriage and he also could not let Ashley win.
  • "You all girls are insane; I don't care what do you think."
  • Stefan shook his head fasten his seat belt and started the car and drove off even faster.
  • "Ahh, Stefan what are you doing, I told you not to drive."
  • Sarah tried to stop him and forward her hand, but Stefan held her hand tightly and drove the car with one hand.