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Chapter 9

  • There are certain things that should be left unsaid. There are certain things that even if you try your level best to know, you can’t, you just can’t and at the moment it was what I was feeling. There was a certain feeling that I thought I knew but quite couldn’t get my finger upon it. A feeling that I knew but still didn’t. I was confused to the point where I chose to stand still while a person I didn’t even know pulled me and kissed me as if his whole life depended upon me. But then I was pushed to reality. Like a bucket filled with ice water was thrown upon me, I was thrown out of my state as my eyes widened the size of a saucer and finally held my hands up in an attempt to push the man away from me who was busy with his assaults on me.
  • The man was tall, much taller than me and had jet black hair. It was what I could only see.
  • “Juliette,” he breathed out as he held my face and looked into my eyes once he let go of me. I was shocked to the point where I forgot how to breath and all of a sudden fear glide up inside me as I began pushing him back. His brown orbs boring into mine. The man wasn’t speaking just kept on staring at me as if he had lost something precious to his heart but now he has found it. Something valuable.
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