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Chapter 27

  • Zachary Pov
  • “What happened to him?” Willi asked as he watched Kristian passed out on the table.
  • “Nothing. He is just sleeping,” I replied as I looked back at him and shrugged my shoulder at him.
  • “Sleeping?” Willi looked bewildered as he repeated the word and gave a pointed glare at Kristian’s sleeping form before walking up to me and handing me a tablet which had the CCTV footage. The footage had a white sedan pulling up towards our driveway and it took a turn towards our house, it was what we had in the footage because it disappeared in our lane and the footage to that lane was not found.
  • “Make sure that the police gets this footage by their own,” I said as I handed the tablet back to him and looked back at Kristian.
  • “What do you plan to do now?” Willi asked to which I put my hand back on the revolver and pulled it out rotating it from its barrel “You will see.”
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