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Chapter 25

  • Juliette Pov
  • It was the day.
  • The day when I was supposed to meet my family back and let them know that I was alive. Zachary told me that he had called his family and they had no idea about me being alive. As I had called it upon myself I had to deal with them my own and make them understand the purpose of me being dead, and this is what Zachary wants me to do. My sweaty palms shivered out of anxiety as I thought of the ways to deal with our family.
  • It would’ve been great if I had actually died in that accident because it is just of no use of me being alive for my mother and father would definitely kill me after they find the truth. l sigh escaped my mouth as I walked to the balcony to get some fresh air. Zachary has been out to the airport to receive the family members leaving Kiara with me and guards guarding the front.
  • Talking about Alex, strangely it’s been three days since he contacted me. In our last conversation he told me that he had to fly urgently for a meeting and he would come back after two days, but strangely he didn’t contact me ever since.
  • I wonder what’s he up to?
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