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Chapter 22

  • Standing before the mirror my hands roamed all over my belly trying to feel the unborn child. Even though I had a flat belly yet the thought of carrying the child built a pit of happiness in my heart as I thought about my future. If everything seem to be good, then I would wish to have a small and happy family along with Zachary. It was like a dream to have kids and to have a peaceful family. It seems the first part of my dream has been granted but the second part is still yet to happen as we have to go through all the troubles that surrounds us.
  • Just when I thought that I could live my life as I had always wanted, life has planned something else for me. We had to overcome all our overwhelming feelings of parenthood, only because of that Alex and that traitorous person.
  • “I swear to god, I would definitely make the traitor pay for all his sins,” my hands balled into a tight fist as I thought about it again and again. Suddenly the temperature in the room seem to grow up and beads of sweat formed over my forehead. Even my body temperature raised up and I ended up throwing the cardigan that I was wearing. It was weird as it was cool outside but the temperature inside the room burned up.
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