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Chapter 21

  • You can’t ever predict what life has for you. When you expect something it doesn’t goes the way you want and when you least expect something to happen, you get a surprise and it is where you are confused about your life and it makes you think hard whether the things that are happening is for good or bad. Like a deer caught on a spotlight, I watched as Kiara looked at me visibly upset and I could feel the anxiety building up inside me as I thought the more about her.
  • Earlier, when I was with Alex’s grandmother in a mall I was caught none other than Kiara and Kristian and she refused to believe that I was someone else named Ivona. Even though I had dyed my hair, still she refused to believe that it wasn’t my real hair colour and I was indeed the same Juliette she knew as her best friend. I was so busy Alex’s grandmother trying my best to take all information about Alex’s past life out of her that I didn’t realise when I was noticed.
  • Looking at the current state of Kiara, I was sure that she had already heard the conversation between me and Zachary and she had already known the truth.
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