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Chapter 18

  • “Oh no! Why do I look so much like her? I don’t understand it at all,” I said as loudly and clearly as I could.
  • The device had a red light blinking over it and I knew it was recording whatever I was doing and speaking. Not only one, but Zachary found three devices hidden secretly in my apartment in order to record the things that were happening. At first, I had no idea about this but Zachary was clever enough to search for it and he got because according to him, he believed our enemy was not dumb enough to let me live freely. He would definitely check and would have me under watch and these peculiar voice recording devices are just a mere part of it.
  • But fortunately, Zachary could edit the records all by himself. It meant even if it recorded our conversations, he could edit it and keep the parts that he wanted Alex to know. It was why I had to go on shouting around behaving as if I was Ivona so that it could record my voice and he listens to it and rests assured that indeed I had no memory of Juliette. I had marked him taking the devices with him whenever I wasn’t around so that he could hear it all.
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