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Chapter 14

  • It was like a moment of pleasure, I found myself blown away by the situation and had my legs wrapped around Zachary forgetting everything and everyone at the moment. My senses didn’t work as he assaulted me with his kisses and each time he thrust me I felt as if it was my end of sanity.
  • “Ivona?” a familiar voice had me back to my senses as I had my eyes snapped open and I looked towards the direction of the voice.
  • “Oh no!” I whispered yelled as I pushed Zachary away and stood back on the ground quickly adjusting my dress and putting the underwear back on.
  • “What have you done?” I held my temple as I glared at him while he buttoned up his pant and raised his eyebrows at me.
  • “You! You can’t this to me. Zachary, oh my god! What do I do now?” I cried as I looked around.
  • If I was correct then Alex was outside searching and calling for me. Even though the store room’s door was closed from inside I was sure he would find me out eventually and it was why I panicked because I was in a complicated state with the most complicated man in the world having a complicated moment of pleasure.
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