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Chapter 13

  • “Meet his girlfriend Ms. Cristina Dimir,” Alex’s father said as he introduced us to Mr. Zachary Udolf Sullivan, the same person who have been invading my dreams, thoughts since the day he had met me causing nothing but trouble to me and my relationship with Alex. The same person who claimed that I was his wife and my name was Juliette Sullivan but here he was before us like nothing ever happened as he smiled at the woman next to him and had his arm wrapped around her waist.
  • “What type of game is he playing now?” I heard Alex mutter with annoyance and his grip around my waist tightened and I noticed Sullivan’s eyeing Alex’s arm from the corner of his eyes.
  • Whilst all these chaos, the fact that Sullivan was the problem solver for Alex’s father’s company and their client didn’t help. I could notice the tension arising between them as they stood there glaring at each other. Like, two alpha males refusing to get down. Alex seemingly tried his best to keep his anger in check and while on the other hand, Sullivan clenched his jaws and smiled sarcastically before paying his attention to the woman next to him.
  • “Uh, do you guys know each other?”
  • Thankfully, Alex’s father interfered in, cutting the thick air with his question.
  • “No!” both Alex and Sullivan said in unison before narrowing their eyes at each other’s lies. And the very moment the only thought I had all of a sudden was to have a tub of vanilla ice cream.
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