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Chapter 10

  • “As if her nagging and annoying me every single time wasn’t enough that I have to deal with all these things too,” I muttered annoyed by the situation as I checked my face in the mirror where that bastard had punched me. “I swear if it wasn’t for Ivona interfering in the middle then I would have seriously killed that son of a bitch there,” applying the ice pad on my cheek I noticed the bruise forming up on the left side of my cheek.
  • “Great! I have to deal with foreign delegates tomorrow and this is what I have to show them,” hissing and cursing all the while all of a sudden I remembered that I have been in the washroom for what seemed like an hour and I still haven’t contacted Ivona after dropping her at her apartment.
  • Quickly making my way up to my phone in the master room I called her to check on her.
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