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Kenneth Miracle

Update: 2021-11-29

Chapter 1

  • ( High school lovers)
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  • 🎈Episode 1🎈
  • 🎈Silver 🎈
  • " Ever since we came over to this country I haven't been able to get over Europe. We will be starting school today. I don't feel like going so I decided to pretend to be asleep." When i Sandra's voice
  • " Will you stand up from there before i get dad for you" my sister yelled i didn't move not until I heard mom's voice. I stood up and ran inside to have a quick shower."
  • " Silver why do you always like to stress me that much, can't you at least like Sandra at times" Mom yelled from inside.
  • **************************
  • " After putting on what Sandra helped with,I brushed my hair and loosed it to pour on my back. I applied a lip gloss before going out with my bag and phone."
  • " I meant they were already eating. I greeted my page and sat down beside my dad and started eating my food. We ate in silent after that my dad started talking to us"
  • " My little angels, you both know that life in Europe and life in France are not the same which is why i want you both to avoid any problem, i know that you both are not comfortable with the way we change your environment but i hope you understand" he explained"
  • " Dad i understand but you also know that i don't like being in a place where people get bullied which is why i won't promise you anything" silver said"
  • " I understand,stay away from problem and always take care of each other" their mom said while pulling their ears"
  • " Ouch it hurts.....
  • " We will mom.....
  • " Naughty girls, your driver is waiting for you outside" there dad said"
  • 🎈RAMSON🎈
  • Raymond! Raymond!! Raymond!!!
  • " I will be there in two minutes" Raymond yelled from inside
  • " What's keeping you? Or are you trying to look nice for yourself....
  • " Just shut up, I am here already..
  • " Hold on, you look more handsome today or are you trying to......
  • " He couldn't finish the statement when Raymond closed his mouth with his palm
  • " Ramson i will deal with you later how can.... when his phone rang and interrupted him.....
  • Hello, what do you want?
  • I wanted to know if you will be coming to school today" the caller replied"
  • How many times have I warned you not to call my line.... He yelled and disconnected the call...
  • " Who was that" i asked"
  • " Is nothing just one of the bi**he's " he replied and walked away"
  • " That's my brother for you,he is a player but he hates it when he calls him on the phone.
  • " I went outside but i didn't see his car,i entered my car and drove straight to school with my Guards coming behind me."
  • 🎈SILVER 🎈
  • " The drive to the school wasn't that easy. It took us almost an hour before we arrived at the school. We came down from the car when all the attention turned towards us. I kept hearing murmuring while some were taking pictures."
  • We kept looking around. Maybe we could see the principal's office when someone came to us.....
  • " Hi, I'm Becky by name....
  • " Please can you help us locate the principal office" Sandra asked"
  • " Sure.....
  • " Pardon my manners am Sandra while my sister is silver..... she introduced
  • 🎈 ELLA🎈
  • " Babes have you both see the trending news today" she asked
  • " What's it all about? Emile asked
  • " The school Queens have arrived....
  • " What do you mean by that ?" Eloise asked
  • " But come to think of it they are really hot and pretty" Ella said but got a slap in return
  • " Shut up...... don't say rubbish
  • I need to act fast or else things will really get worse if time is not taken.
  • How are these?