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Chapter 3 Her beast

  • *Omario POV*
  • It’s Friday night again. My father’s freak show is starting. Him and his disgusting okes are about to chase a helpless, wolves-less servant, who apparently, will be the end of him. I can’t freakin’ wait for that moment. It all sounds ridiculous, dad is literally indestructible while she is… just a girl. History has proven a lot of people wrong though. Little boys have destroyed giants and a tiny ant has killed a mighty elephant. I bet the prophecy will come to pass and the servant girl, Abigail of the Lilly town creek pack, will destroy the mighty Alpha Theo.
  • I hear the howling and head to Rufus’ room. The idiots are even celebrating catching up to the girl. They think it’s hunting, like they used to when they were rogues. They don’t get that they are making her stronger and resilient each time. They don’t even see that she outsmarts them too. They really panic when she froths her mouth and shakes her body and think she actually has a convulsion. It’s the same when she holds her breath for a long time and pretends to be dying. You would think they would at least investigate and learn more about the person they are trying to persecute.
  • I walk in and take a seat next to my mother, another equally persecuted woman in this castle. Her drunkard and druggie of a father sold her to my evil rogue dad for a hundred dollars. He absolutely has no respect for her and treats her like his possession. She is the Luna but the most miserable and powerless one I have ever seen. Father’s Beta and Gamma friends are more powerful than her.
  • I honestly want to laugh when dad gets the same answer from Rufus.
  • “She wants you dead, Your Highness.”
  • I could have told him that and I’m no prophet. When Rufus forces her eyes to open to look into her soul, there is this terrifying fire behind them. I can see it from where I am sitting. It’s raging, I can feel it every time and it gets more intense each time she’s brought in here.
  • “I know that already. Does she have a plan?”
  • I am starting to think this is more stressful to dad than it is to Abi. It’s the same question every week and he gets livid every time he hears the answer. She use to shiver with fear before, now she just lays there. I think she knows that Rufus will give the same answer every week.
  • She might not have a plan, but whatever beast that possesses her does. It’s waiting for the right moment to pounce and she too will be surprised.
  • I don’t know how I am able to sense this stuff but there’s no one here I trust enough to ask. I inherited the indestructible gene from my father. As far as I know he does not sense stuff like this, otherwise he would not need Rufus to tell him how she will destroy him. He would also know that I actually despise him like no other. Unless….. I turn to look at my mother. If I inherited this from her then she might not be as helpless as she makes it seem. She supposedly has no mutation, besides never conceiving after me. She will never tell me if she also senses something like this though, because she thinks I am following dad’s footsteps. She definitely will never volunteer that information to her husband.
  • It seems I am not the only one here who wants Abi to succeed and dad destroyed.
  • The show is over when Rufus and his apprentice leave. I usually leave at this moment too but these past weeks Titan won’t let me. Him and I are not as in sync lately. I don’t want to see old men torturing a helpless woman, who can hardly walk from exhaustion. As much as I hate it, I don’t interfere in dad’s business. That’s where my wolf and I don’t seem to agree. He abandons me every week and shows up only on Friday nights.
  • Oli and I used to shift every Wednesday and run around the woods together, but stupid Titan won’t budge. He won’t even talk to me the whole week but he goes completely ballistic when Blake tries to get his paws on Abi.
  • Shit! Just the thought of his evil paws touching her is lifting hairs at the back of my neck. I need to go away for some time to clear my head. There’s too much evil and suffering here.
  • Talking of evil, dad is thrilled that I am taking the battered servant to my bed. As if that’s not disgusting, something else is off. I can feel something amiss the moment Brenda comes back with the two servants to carry Abi out. I get up and follow on their tracks soon after they leave. I can tell from Brenda’s body language that she is not happy.
  • She is Oli’s aunt, I guess she is jealous on her behalf. She will not dare voice her objections to me and definitely not with dad around.
  • I don’t know why, but Titan decides to take over and splints to my chambers the moment I leave that room. This wolf has really gone mad.
  • “Yet, you won’t show up on Wednesday, asshole”
  • He ignores my displeasure and bursts into the room before shifting back. Then I see them pressing her head under the water, drowning her. What the fuck is wrong with everyone in this castle?
  • They freeze and tremble with fear when I run towards the bathtub. I have never had any ill will towards servants but I feel like strangling these two. Having my arms around Abi to lift her head up is the only reason I am not crushing their little necks right now. It takes a lot for me to subdue Titan, who is raging and wants to take over. I really had no idea what’s gotten to him. I am panting and burning up by the time they run off, but it’s not from anger. It’s her.
  • I am not supposed to feel like this, I am not supposed to feel at all. It’s part of my mutation, a little price to pay for possessing the indestructible features of steel.
  • I feel sickened with myself for not looking away, I just can’t tear off my eyes from her. She is the thinnest woman I have ever seen. Shit! I can even count her ribs. Bruises at different stages of healing, tell her story, which I know very well.
  • “Maybe I can lick them to heal fast,” Titan links with me. Now the bastard he wants to talk.
  • “Shut the fuck up.” I link back and focus on the fragile woman in my arms.
  • “Open your eyes and breathe….”
  • I should have not said that. Not only is her face burning with embarrassment but the split moment of our eyes meeting sends electric jolts through my body and hurt like hell. I think my heart even stopped beating for a moment.
  • What the fuck? Maybe this is how she will kill dad. Double the amount of this would be enough.
  • This would be great news if I didn’t see that raging fire behind her eyes. Her beast hates me too. This means it’s also how she can kill me too. Dad and I are no longer indestructible.