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Chapter 8 Why Is Simran Always Around

  • Trisha’s POV
  • “May I cut in,” a voice that sent delicious shivers down Trisha’s spine spoke from behind her. She tightened her hold on Steve’s shoulders hoping that he would get the hint and say no. But it seemed that Steve was determined to hand her over to the devil himself. Did Steve forget who this was or did Justin have him under a spell? As Justin took hold of her one hand, Trish had no choice but to put her other hand on his shoulder. She again experienced an electric shock. It was a really nice feeling and Trisha wondered if it was one sided or did he also experience it again. They started to sway together in time to the music. It was amazing how in sync their bodies were to each other. It was like they had been dancing together for years. Trisha loved dancing but never did it in public and always danced in the privacy of her room, ever since her cousins and aunts made fun of her dancing. All her cousins and her sister had taken classical dancing when they were younger, but she never had been interested in extra curricular activities unless they were going to help her grades. She felt really tiny in his arms. She forgot just how tall he was. It felt so good to be in his arms, but Trisha had to keep her thoughts focused and tried to remind herself that he did not feel the same way about her. Just then the song ended, and the DJ said he was going to take a few minutes break, while they played some games that the host had prepared. Everyone laughed and groaned at the same time. Rahul made his parents draw names from a hat and those people were called up on stage to play musical chairs.
  • “We never got to finish our conversation of earlier,” Justin leaned over and spoke into her ear. She shivered in delight at the sensation that she felt. She looked up into his eyes and felt herself drowning in them. She smiled shyly up at him and she heard him inhale sharply and his eyes darkened. Trisha felt a thrill of excitement go through her at the look in his eyes. She was about to answer him, when a hand came around his shoulders and and a pair of lips placed a kiss on his cheeks.
  • "Babe, why are you always deserting me? You promised that I would not be alone at this party," Simran pouted. Trisha did not wait to hear what he said, and walked away.
  • Justin POV
  • Justin watched Trisha walk away and he felt like all the joy and spark went with her. He never knew that one person could make another feel such intense emotions. It had felt so good to have her in his arms and he thought they could finally chat and he could find out more about the relationship between her and Steve, but then Simran had to come and ruin the moment that he and Trisha were sharing. If he was a violent man and believed in violence against women, he would have strangled Simran on the spot. Trisha had smiled at him, a real genuine smile and it took his breath away.
  • "Simran, what the hell is your problem? I told you that I do not like you in a romantic way and I am not looking to be husband number two. So please leave me alone." Simran just ignored what he said and put her arms around his neck. Did this woman have no shame? Her family were around, including her father, whom he had heard was really old fashioned, but it seemed like Simran did not care. He angrily grabbed her hands and removed them from around his neck. She just put them back around his neck. Clearly she could not take a hint or no for an answer. He could not believe that Trisha and Simran were cousins. They were like night and day. Simran was a spoilt brat and did not care who she stepped on to get her pot of gold, while Trisha will scarifice her happiness for that of her loved ones. But then again, he had heard that Simran's mum was a vicious woman with a tongue that was dipped in poison and the other family members hated her and tried not to get in her way. She was used to getting her way and controlled her husband. The apple did not fall far from the tree.
  • "I know that you are still angry that I did not tell you that I was engaged when we were dating, but that is water under the bridge. We used to have so much fun together. Remember when we used go to your house when your parents were not around. You liked it then. We can go back to those days, now that I am a free woman and you have a place of your own."
  • "Simran, please behave yourself. I was young and having fun. We were both having fun. But now I am not interested in you."
  • "Oh, I see. Are you interested in my little Trisha?" Simran ran her finger down his cheek, in a gesture meant to be sexy but it it came out as if she was threatening him. That move made Justin more irritable. Justin gritted his teeth in anger. He did not want her to know about his feelings for Trisha, at least not yet. Knowing Simran, she would sabotage his chances with Trisha before he could blink.
  • "That is none of your business who I am interested in." He grabbed her hands and pushed her away. Her touch was nothing like Trisha's. Simran's touch made him feel like a snake was crawling on his skin and it was a really horrible feeling. He wished and prayed with all his might that Simran would find another prey and leave him alone. He regretted ever showing any interest in her. She was like a leach and once she gor her claws into you, it was very difficult to get her off you. He turned around looking for Trisha, and he spotted her chatting to Amith. The way she was smiling at Amith made Justin extremely jealous. When did he become this possessive person? He never really cared if any of his other girlfriends flirted with other men in front of him, including his friends. They thought that if they did that in front of him, it would make him jealous, but it never did, he used to actually feel relieved that they had found other interests and he did not have to end things himself. It just became messy when he was the one that ended the relationhip. He had to check his thoughts. Trisha was not his grilfriend. At least not yet. He was determined that he would get her to fall for him. He had never wanted another woman the way he wanted her. He had never chased a woman in his life but for Trisha he was willing to make an exception. He decided to go join Amith and Trisha, just so that she was not alone with Amith. He did not like the way she looked at his friend. As he turned to go, Simran linked her hands with his and as hard as he tried, he could not pry her hands off his. He gritted his teeth and continued to walk. He did not want to cause a scene at the party but he decided that he needed to set Simran straight about where she stood with him, and he was going to do it soon. Simran needed to leave him alone.
  • As he walked towards Trisha he saw that, Steve, Rakesh and Kavita had joined the group.
  • "Great, now it would be almost impossible to get her alone," he muttered under his breath.
  • "Did you say something?" Simran asked him. He just shook his head. He had never had to work hard to get a woman to fall for him, but he knew that with Trisha it was not going to be so easy. He would have to work really hard. But he smiled to himself, after a really long time he felt alive and felt that he may have found the ONE, and to think that she had been right under his nose the entire time.
  • He had to thread really carefully though, as much as he wanted Trisha, he also did not want to destroy his relationship with her brother or her parents. He loved them as if they were his own family and he did not want them hating him if things did not work out. As he got closer to the group, he was forming a plan to get Simran off his back and Trisha into his arms where she belonged.