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Chapter 11 Simran Please Leave Me Alone

  • "Justin, darling, are you okay. What happened? Did you slip?" Justin had forgotten all about her, but she was someone that had to always be the centre of attention. Steve had returned with their drinks and helped Trisha out of the pool. He even helped wipe her hair and Justin wanted to grab the towel from his hand and punch him in the face. Steve seemed like a really nice guy, but Justin did not want anyone touching his girl. He knew that this time round he was going to be selfish and take what he wanted. He just wanted to find out how Trsha felt about him before he made his move. Just when he was actually having a nice conversation with Trisha, this woman had to come spoil everything yet again. Simran extended her hand to help him and he ignored her and decided to work out some of his frustration by swimming. No one saw the look that came into Simran's eyes when Justin chose to ignore her. She turned and looked at Trisha with so much of hatred that if she could manifest that hatred into energy, Trisha would have been a pile of ash. She has seen the way Justin had looked at Trisha. He had never looked at her or at any of the other girls that he dated in that way. It was painfully clear how he felt about Trisha. Simran was never going to let that happen. She always knew that he cared about Trisha a lot more than he admitted and from last night she saw that Trisha meant a lot more to him. She knew how to take care of Trisha. She wanted to go join Justin in the pool, but she was wearing designer shorts and T-Shirt and did not wantt to ruin them so she contented herself by dangling her legs in the pool hoping that he would approach her.
  • "Hey everyone." Simran smiled as her best friend walked up to her. She now had reinforcements. But they both had to be really careful, Kavita because she knew Rakesh would end their relationship if she hurt any of his family members especially Trisha and Simran because she could see that Justin was developing feelings for Trisha and was becoming protective over her and she did not want to alienate Justin. She was going to ensure that Trisha did not get any ideas that there could be something between her and Justin. Justin was going to be her's no matter what.
  • "Hey Trisha, you should go change your clothes before you catch a cold. You were always prone to getting sick." Simran advised Trisha hoping to get rid of her. If Trisha went inside, she would not come out again until she was called. That is how Trisha has always been. She hated large crowds and being the centre of attention.
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