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Chapter 6

  • Tyler stood in the doorway of the conference room shocked by the image his eyes held. Derrick turned and stood meeting his partner's gaze. Jessica slowly stood feeling her face slightly flushed. Tyler quietly closed the door behind him.
  • "What's going on here," he asked looking back at the two of them.
  • Jessica blushed as she looked back at Tyler. Derrick cleared his throat grinning as he looked at his partner.
  • "I got lost and ran into Mr. Stark," Jessica started fixing her skirt.
  • "We collided and I caused her to hit her head and knee," Derrick stated. "I was...helping..."
  • "I'm sorry to hear apologies miss. I am Tyler Mason, Derrick's partner," he introduced extending his hand.
  • "It's a pleasure, Mr. Mason. My name is Jessica Evens. I am a student at Long Beach University."
  • "I see," Tyler said looking back at Derrick. "You're here with the other future editors, correct!?"
  • "Yes, that's right."
  • Derrick repositioned his glasses on his face feeling almost ambushed. He looked back at Jessica giving her an apologetic look on his face. Tyler followed his gaze and suddenly felt intrusive.
  • "Well, I was coming to inform you that we have about thirty minutes before the young editors are done with the tour. Seeing that you are busy...," Tyler said opening the door.
  • "Wait," Jessica said reaching for Tyler's arm. "You could stay."
  • Tyler looked at them with a questioning expression on his face. Derrick gave a mischievous smile to his friend. Tyler pushed the door quietly. He cupped his hand behind Jessica's head and pulled her to him. She parted her lips inviting his tongue in. Their tongue touched and swirled with one another. He lowered his hands to her blouse gently unbuttoning it. He moved his lips to her neck and began to remove the blouse from her arms. It dropped to the floor as Jessica cradled Tyler's head. She moaned with pleasure.
  • Derrick walked behind them and began unzipping her skirt from behind.
  • He gently slid it to the floor. Kneeling behind her, Derrick parted her cheeks. He pressed his mouth to her pussy slowly massaging it with his tongue.
  • Tyler slowly moved his hands around Jessica's back finding the hooks to her Victorian-style bra. He released it with ease unveiling two perfectly rounded breasts. He cupped both breasts with his hands and lowered his lips to one nipple. He drew in slowly circling it with his tongue.
  • Derrick stood from the floor and began unfastening his belt. Quickly unzipping his pants, he slid them to the floor removing his hardened shaft from it. He took a seat nearby and pulled Jessica's naked body to him. She straddled his lap placing her back against him. Taking his hard penis with one hand, he slowly entered Jessica's wet vagina. She shrieked with delight pushing herself against it. Derrick thrust deep within her feeling her body with his penis. He grunted bouncing her in his lap.
  • "You like that baby... you like my dick in want it deep." "Fuck me, baby!"
  • Tyler moved closer to them and caressed her breast with one hand.
  • Jessica reached for his belt quickly undoing his pants. Placing her hands around the back edges of them, she eased Tyler's pants to the floor releasing his hardened penis. She placed her hand around it gently grasping and pulling it. She pulled his hardened shaft to her lips and kissed the tip allowing her tongue to taste his flesh. Tyler cupped the back of her head pushing his penis deep in her mouth.
  • Her tongue swirled and her cheeks caved as he trusted back and forth. He grunted with desire feeling acceleration beating in his limb.
  • "Yeah, baby... suck that cock...ahh yeah!"
  • Tyler thrust deep in her throat causing Jessica to expel a gag reflex. She withdrew it from her mouth. Grabbing both arms, Tyler helped her to her feet. He spun her around and bent her over. He spread her legs opening them wide. He took his penis with his free hand and inserted it inside of her. He pushed deep within her as his balls beat against her cheeks.
  • Bracing herself with one hand, she wrapped her fingers around Derrick's hardened cock. She placed her mouth around it drawing it in deep as she sucked. He moaned as he placed one hand on her head guiding her. As her head bobbed faster, Derrick began thrusting his body pushing deep in her throat.
  • "Oh fuck," Derrick said pushing down on her head feeling the back of Jessica's tightly rounded throat causing her to gag.
  • Jessica stood and walked over to the table. Placing a knee on the ever-long conference table, she climbed to the center and lay on one side. She held her hand and motioned the two over. Removing their shirts and tossing them to the floor, they climbed on the table with Jessica.
  • Derrick placed himself directly in front of Jessica and rolled her on top of him. Again, he held his hardened penis with one hand as he searched for the vaginal opening. She lowered her mouth to his, muffling the scream she released as he pushed his way into her. Together, they thrust and rocked pushing against one another.
  • Tyler knelt behind Jessica's back straddling their legs and placing his shaft between her cheeks. He placed his finger at his lips and expelled saliva on them. He rubbed it on her anus slightly penetrating as he did. Placing the remainder on his penis, he slowly entered her. She expelled a loud moan as she arched her head backward.
  • "Take that know you like that," he said sliding in and out of her slowly accelerating his thrust.
  • "FUCK...AHH...AHH...AHH!
  • Jessica screamed with pleasure as she clawed the table. The muscles in her body contract with each movement. She gripped the edge for support as the two plunged deep within her filling her cavities with their hard penises.
  • Together, they thrust adversely keeping rhythm. Jessica screeched and grunted with pleasure as they pushed deep within her. As their motions quickened, their thrusting shortened pushing as deeply as possible. They grunted and gritted as their climax was reached. With a final thrust, their body stilled as exhaustion filled them. They quickly removed their penises jerking it as they released their warm liquids on her body. Jessica breathed with relief.
  • A noise came from the door causing their heads to look in the direction it came from. The door quickly opened for the tour group as Mr. Emerson and Jessica's classmates entered the room. Everyone stopped short at the doorway. Shock spread throughout their faces as they peered at the three of them. Jessica looked to Cherry who stood among the few in the doorway. Her mouth gaped open and her eyes stared wondrously at the three.
  • "Well, why don't I escort everyone to conference room one while Mr.
  • Stark and Mr. Mason...yeah," Jillian stated as she ushered the group out and shut the door.
  • Cherry looked back at Jessica before the door closed. Thank you, she mouthed with a smile as the door eased shut.