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Chapter 5

  • Jessica stood in front of a massively tall building. Its seemingly endless mirrored glass captures the world around it. It was a magnificent piece of structure. The wind lightly blew around her bare legs sending chills up her spine. She pulled her coat tighter around her as she huddled in the crowd. Mr. Emerson stood at the head explaining what to expect. After he finished, he turned and led the party through the double-pane glass doors.
  • The lobby was an enormous room fashioned like a law firm with leather sofas and glass coffee tables. They gathered in a line at the desk where they were taking pictures and placing them on specially made passes. After the special passes were made, they all congregated in the hall. Mr. Emerson divided them into groups for the elevators and instructed them on which floor to stop at.
  • The doors to the elevator parted unveiling an endless window stretching from the ground floor to the top. Jessica and Cherry entered the elevator as directed astonished by the sight as they ascended. The scenery was a peaceful wonder stretching to the sea. The more elevated they became, the more the world shrunk around them. It was a glorious painting of different rays of light and contrast as Jessica peered out the window. It almost felt as if she had been flying.
  • The journey to the floor was as entertaining as the classroom. Cherry continuously boasted about Mason & Stark Industries and how their work has changed many lives. Jessica smiled and pretended to listen as her friend's excitement escalated.
  • They finally arrived at their destination and the doors parted open once again. As they exited the elevator doors, they were greeted by a thin, dark-haired woman. She graciously led the group down the hall discussing her position and the company. As she spoke, Jessica realized she needed a bathroom break.
  • She searched the hall attempting to find any indication of the restrooms.
  • Finally, she spotted the sign and eased away from the group. She entered the room and found the nearest stall to her. Relief. After she washed her hands and looked herself over, she exited the restroom and found herself back in the empty hallway.
  • The hall was painted a glossy navy blue and decorated with plastic plants. Along the painted walls also displayed large posters of famous Italian Renaissance paintings beautifully brightening the area. She stood in the center listening for the echo of her group. Biting her lip, she began walking the way they were headed. She came to a junction and stood. The halls remained silent.
  • She let out a huff and decided to search for someone. She walked from one end of the hall to the other. There was no secretary's desk to be found. Only more hallways and doors to other rooms were found. She rounded the corner of another hall and stopped. Once again, she found more doors.
  • She opened the first door along the hall. It was a private office. The desk stood in the center of the room with two wooden chairs neatly placed in front of it. To the right of the desk stood a floor-to-ceiling window with a view of the city outside. A dark wood bookshelf stood behind the desk neatly displaying books, pictures, and other items. Like the hall, the room was also decorated with plastic plants and posters. Finding no one inside, she exited the room closing the door behind her.
  • She opened the next door and found a similar setting with no one inside. She continued trying doors one after another. Jessica came to the final door in the hall. She reluctantly opened it only to find a large empty conference room. A large table with many desk chairs sat in the center. At the head of one side was an enormous framed poster with a small table underneath it. At the other end was another door to a separate room. As Jessica turned to exit the room, a rustling sound erupted from the other room.
  • Finally, she thought quickly walking across the room to the other door. She reached for the doorknob and began to turn it. The wooden door suddenly flew open as it snatched from her grasp. Without noticing her standing in the door frame, a dark-haired man, carrying an armload of slim folders, walked out and collided with her. Her feet came out from under her and they quickly landed on the floor. Her head was spinning and her knee throbbing as confetti of paperwork glided to the floor.
  • "Are you okay," Derrick asked sitting her up. She grabbed her head rubbing the aching spot. Derrick helped her to her feet and led her to the nearby chair.
  • "Don't move! I'll be right back."
  • She nodded her head slightly and he exited the door. He walked across the hall to the employee lounge and opened the cabinet door. He quickly grabbed a bag and filled it with ice. He returned to the room carrying the bag on ice. She was still seated in the same spot. Derrick handed her the bag. He watched her gently place it on her wavy blonde hair feeling a little uneasy.
  • He walked to where another table stood in the corner and began fixing them a drink hoping to kill any pain. He handed her the glass and she gazed up at him. Her ocean-grey eyes captured him. She took the glass lightly brushing his hand with her fingertips. His heart fluttered as he downed his drink. The strong bourbon slid down his throat burning as it touched the parched area. He grabbed the nearest seat and pulled it up close to her.
  • "Are you hurting anywhere else," he said softly. "Yeah, my right knee hurts a little," she said.
  • "May I," he asked slowly reaching for her leg. She gave a slight nod and took a sip of her drink.
  • Derrick took her leg and eased it up to his lap. Starting at her knee, he began to lightly massage the area. He gently squeezed and rubbed in a circular motion releasing the tense pressure around it. He looked back at her noticing the pass around her neck.
  • "Jessica Evens. That's a beautiful name. I'm Derrick Stark," he introduced attempting to start up a conversation. "Are you with the tour group?"
  • "Yes, but I got separated from them a second ago and was trying to find them when I ran into you," she announced with a smile. "Sorry about that," he chuckled.
  • "It's fine. You must be working hard on something really important," she said downing the last of her drink.
  • "I was. That was until I landed face-first on someone."
  • "Maybe if you were paying more attention, that wouldn't have happened."
  • "Maybe! But then again, I wouldn't have seen those beautiful eyes."
  • Derrick stopped short realizing what he said sounded like a pass. He looked up at her giving an embarrassing smile.
  • "I'm sorry I shouldn't have...," he began returning her leg to the floor allowing his fingers to glide along her calf. His face felt feverish as he peered up at her.
  • "Please, don't stop," she softly whispered.
  • He pulled his seat closer to hers and began massaging again. His heart began to pound and his breath became a little shaky. She watched him with intense eyes as he continued to rub her leg. She tasted her glossy pink lips with the tip of her tongue allowing a low moan to escape. Acceleration heated the blood as it traveled down his limbs and to his groin. His pants began to tighten around his thigh as his hardness grew.
  • He continued rubbing Jessica's knees slowly inching his way up her thighs. She leaned her head back giving another enticing moan. At the edge of her skirt, he slid his hands to her waist pushing her skirt up. He lightly gripped he sides and pulled her to the edge of her seat. He lowered his head and kissed her upper thighs tenderly sending chills up her. She reached for his head running the tips of her fingers through his hair.
  • His finger traced the lining of her underwear until they found their way under the band. He slowly pulled them off continuously kissing her thighs gingerly. He tossed the lacy thong beside the chair softly dragging his fingertips up her legs as he returned them to their position. Lightly kissing her, he slowly moved his lips up finding her sweet vaginal area.
  • Derrick kissed the top of it causing Jessica to grip the back of his head. He slowly parted his lips allowing his tongue to slip from its home and onto her sensitive area. Her back arched slightly feeling a new sensation hit her body.
  • Derrick swirled his tongue teasing the flap of skin at the top. She moaned and pushed his head closer to her body. Juices lightly seeped from her as she started the move with him. He sucked on the flap of skin, gently nibbling it with his teeth. Jessica grunted with delight.
  • His tongue began to move even faster sending jolts of excitement through her lower limbs. Taking his two fingers and pairing them together, he slowly penetrated the opening between her vaginal lips. She arched her back as he pushed in.
  • "FUCK," she exclaimed closing her eyes. "Mmmm... make that pussy wet for me."
  • With his tongue vibrating her clit and his fingers massaging deep within her, a new tingling sensation began to build. Placing his thumb between the cheeks of her butt, he slowly circled her anus. Jessica began to moan even louder as her muscles began to contract. She jerked and screamed with pleasure. Unable to move, she opened her eyes and looked at Derrick. Pleasure filled her eyes. From behind his head, the door began to open.