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Chapter 8

  • "Ai mele..."
  • He stood. That was the best thing to do. That was actually his third attempt before he could make sanity of how he was supposed to stand. He had tried in the first place and had fell facedown into the water over and over again. Happened that his claws would dig into the moist earth beneath the water which was incapable of holding his weight. But at last, he was able to make meaning of the insanity as he staggered on his feet. He wasn't exhausted, but he felt like he needed a rest. He wasn't used to resting. He was more of the jacky. More of an unrelenting jacky. Though he had no sane idea what that meant. He was simply savoring the atmosphere. Back in the underworld, he could go on working for several darkness-shifts without rustic rest. Exactly why his father treasured him and wouldn't trade him for naught. He would sit him beneath the black dwarf like trees locked up into a boulevard and walk him through quite the numbers of facts he couldn't and wouldn't resist. He knew that his father always had the best part of him with trained tales. Of course he would feed him with such. He did worth it.
  • He snapped outta the thoughts. He looked about and around for his partner. Twas no longer there. He didn't know where twas. He had no idea how it had became his friend. Probably because he had eaten one of them. That sounded logical and appealing to him. Did eating one of them mean winning the trust of all? He couldn't really be sure. He needed to be sane with hypotheses. He didn't want to trot into taunting trouble. He could use quite the numbers of other sane stances and ideas. None was actually available at that moment. He was simply using that which he could reach to. He hoped that he was doing better. There was no hope greater than that. He could mar his own stance and make confetti of his ideas. He could tame his muffled motive and trail rent routes inky instinct would not lend. He could do so many a things. But he simply wouldn't. All he needed was find the long thin creature with curvy sways. After getting to meet the new creature, then he could savor the tarred aroma of the idea he had just hypothesized. Not at that moment.
  • Then he did catch the glimpse of the thin creature at the top of the high stone, mountain. The head and poking neck of the snake gave it out easily. Twas quite lucky. Obviously was by the edge of the left end of the mountain top. The water was pouring in felon fall from the middle of the mountain top. He wasn't interested in where the water was coming from. All he was interested in was finding the new creature. And there was the snake. What was it having in mind by showing itself on the mountain top? Was it making an attempt on intimidation? He couldn't be sure. He knew that that could never be right. Even if twere right what gain was the snake going to suck from it. But he knew that the thin creature would never nurse such thought. How could he even vouch for it? He had met it not quite long and was already standing as a guarantor for it? He couldn't really be serious with such recent supposition he was arriving at. He couldn't ever be serious about it. He could use better thoughts. Thoughts better than what he was pruning at that moment. That chaos of a masticated thought.
  • He watched the snake make an attempt to leave the spot twas as it looked towards the end of the other edge of the mountain top. He didn't know what twas having in mind. But his instinct was lending him a fact. That could actually be true. That could be voluptuous veracity. That could be the sanity of his acumen. The best sanity he had ever pruned. Was the snake trying to move to the other end of the mountain top? That should be the reason twas looking towards there. Of course it should be. But there was water, like furious flood flowing in fermented fury through the middle of the mountain top. The snake could never possibly make it to the other end of the mountain top. How had it even gotten there in the first place? He wasn't trying to understand how. How was he possibly going to make meaning of it? He was just being an onlooker. But he knew that the snake was trying to put across a message by wanting to move to the other end of the mountain top. But he was not sane enough to make meaning of it. He couldn't blame himself for such pored position of his instinct. He matter-of-factly just arrived at that part of the world. He could use some other stances. The snake made up its marred mind and fought its way through the flood to the other end of the mountain top but was washed down into the body of water! Its fall was great.
  • Ah! He knew he couldn't leave the snake there to no use. He hadn't actually made friends with it but would never want ill to make pawn of its bounty breath. He could help it. That was the best thing he could do. But he was quite afraid of the water. He hadn't seen quite the deep and long water as such. And matter-of-factly, a water that did fall from heights. Probably there was a god on the mountain top puking the locks of water. He dumped his thoughts and strangled his fear. He stepped into the water as he saw the snake fighting to have its head on the surface. He shilly-shallied. He was afraid. Why wouldn't he? Twas his first time matter-of-factly. He did have every right to be sore afraid. To be loaned to fear. Then the snake was buried in the water. He had no choice but to march hastily into the water. As he moved closer to the spot where the snake had been swallowed, he seemed to sink, till his head was the only thing left. If he did take a step further, fate might repeat the woes which had pawned the snake. He then gave himself to the water as he thrusted his head and fought his movement with dangling hands. Was he really swimming? Call it whatever!
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