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Chapter 17

  • "Hut to a brun fi ta kor?"
  • He was already by the boat. He was skeptical about what to do in precise. He was so confused that he felt like he should return to his trunk or at least the top of the tree. Nope! He wouldn't. He should go to village of that creature. Of that lady. 
  • He looked around again. There was no one there. He was sure that the owner of the boat would be around and had gone to get something. 
  • He was confused the more. How about if the lady was the person who had returned to the place, what would he go the village for. Wasn't he going there for her?
  • He didn't want confusion to have the best of him. He could manage the moment. He jumped into the boat and was confused the more. 
  • It seemed as though he would make confusion a hut where he would stay. Or make a robe of it which he would be draped in. He hated the feeling of confusion. 
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