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Chapter 16

  • "E bi a tu ni a ki lre gut gruga ga ga."
  • He was seating on a trunk. He didn't know what he was as doing there. How did he get there? A while ago, he was in some stray place with his father. He had been in such mode before, but had no idea what name twas called. He wished he had an idea. 
  • Twas obviously morning and the day was quite clear. He wanted to stand up as usual and crush on the beauty of the long lawn with emissaries of clouds, but his mind was too heavy to contain the biddings. 
  • He heard the twitters of birds few metres away from him. He had always wanted to touch those creatures too. They were quite small and precious. They should be sapid. Yeah! He should eat one them come his lucky day. 
  • He did wish that he would be able to fly. But that was better left as a wish. He could walk and run but had no guts to fly. None of his breed had ever done, not even when they were making wishes. 
  • He could be an exception for all he did care. No one should tell him what to do and how to do it. He was responsible for himself. He was responsible to himself. He had survived that far. Twasnt because he was only powerful, but he was wise too. If none would appreciate him, of course he would appreciate himself.
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