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Chapter 33 ~ Happily Ever After

  • Nanmaya’s POV
  • We all are eagerly waiting for the baby in Little Angels orphanage, office room. We sent our kids to the playroom or else we can't peaceful do the formalities.
  • Morning, when we said this decision, our parents are happy and ready to bring my Cute Angel immediately. Our kids are happy though they didn't understand what's exactly happening.
  • Mahi again poked my arm but I didn't look at him. Actually, I requested to keep the baby name as he didn't give me the chance to chose both the girls names, only I got a chance for my baby boy, Sarang.
  • Again he pocked me but I ignored. I didn't say the name and he was literally dying to know the name. Finally, a woman in her thirties brought my Cute Angel who was crying. Her face was all red and tears stained.
  • Immediately, I took her in my arms and cooed her. I'm happy to have her in my arms but sad to see her in this condition. I took the milk bottle and fed her. After lots of crying and pestering, she had the milk.
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