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Chapter 30 ~ Love Making

  • Nanmaya's POV
  • His cold fingers caressed my waist making me shiver and snuggle more to him. We’re sucking each other lips hungrily like never before and sifting each other’s body with passion.
  • His palm sensually moved down to my hips squeezing it gently. Grasping his hair, I gasped holding him tightly. He started the tongue game which aroused me to the next level. Suddenly, he tilted me back hugging me, I breathed. I can feel him hardening in his pants.
  • His breath fanned my skin burning my desires in his passion under his intense gaze through the mirror. He sensually traced his fingers on my neck and moved my hair towards the right shoulder. Goosebumps rosed with his sensual touch and intense gaze. Raging heartbeat, my breath became uneven as his breath fanned on my left shoulder.
  • He unhooked the chain fondling his fingers on my neck, I giggled. He left the chain which rolled down from my chest to the ground. His gaze followed the chain. I followed his heating gaze. My legs became jelly when his fingers fondled from my left shoulder to downwards.  
  • "Mahi," I breathed, shivering.
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