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Chapter 27 ~ Morning Birthday Celebrations

  • Melody's POV
  • Mahish caught her wrist whistling, 'stay,' tune.
  • But she protested without looking at him. ‘Look at me,’ he whistle tuned but she pulled away giving marks on her wrist. So he left her and she ran away without turning back. Everyone was surprised by her reaction as she always enjoys his taunting but today was different. All bustled along with her but she successfully locked her door. She took her phone and texted him.
  • "Don't bang the door or try to come inside. I'm hell angry and I hate you." With that, she switched off the phone.
  • In the meanwhile, everyone banged on the door. Sushma shouted her stubborn daughter to open the door. Mahish was totally surprised by her message and showed it to everyone. His heart was banging as her angry face was still flashing in front of his eyelashes.
  • "Okay! Just leave her alone. She will be fine by morning," Raj declared.
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