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Chapter 2 ~ Secret Love

  • Nanmaya’s POV
  • I glared, he understood the point and showed his silly expressions scratching his nape with the left palm.
  • ‘But I’m ready to assure him every single second, till my last breath.’  
  • "More than that you have memory issues. But don't worry, being your bestie it's my right to remind you every single second that I'M YOUR VOICE. So, get that in your small brain," I barked angrily with unshed tears.
  • He cupped my right cheek with his left palm, closing his left eye and pulled his right ear with his other hand keeping cute faces. I closed my eyes to control my anger. He wiped my tears with his thumb. I became normal with his soothing touch. I opened my eyes with an annoying expression and jerked his hands.
  • "I really don’t mean to hurt you, Doll. It just involuntarily slipped. I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have a best friend like you and you know how glad I’m to have your voice,” he signed sincerely.
  • His tantalizing eyes shown brightly with that dazzling smile. I left happy but still, I’m angry. So, he started pulling his ears with cute expressions.
  • "I'm sorry, I'll not repeat it again," he signed with his cute smile.
  • "He loves to play this emotional drama," Allu Aunt said feigning anger.
  • "Exactly," I declared in a matter-of-fact tone.
  • He turned towards Aunt and pinched his throat with cute expressions.
  • ‘How can he play the same drama every time but still manage to woo us with his cuteness?’
  • I tapped his left shoulder. "Let me clarify a thing, you don't have a brain not voice,“ I said seriously and ran away.
  • I heard his ‘threatening,’ whistle and turned back to see the bull chasing me. With giggles, I ran to my room and successfully locked it. He started banging the door without any mercy. If he caught me, I’m sure he will break my bones without a care that I'm a girl. My phone pooped up with his message. Well, I know his threatening.
  • "Open the door or you will face the consequences," I saw his message with angry emoji. I sent the sticking tongue out emoji.
  • His angry face picture pooped on my screen. I giggled watching his angry red face with burning eyes, I kissed his picture. My fingers are itching to send him ‘I Love You’ but my heart was scared to express my feelings.
  • After a minute of banging the door, he whistled, ‘good night,’ tune and went off.
  • I sighed in relief, my eyes caught the pictures which are dangling to either side of my dressing table wall. I caressed our hugging picture, clicked by Rohi Uncle.
  • God didn’t give voice to speak but you have amazing music which creates wonders, Mahi. I live for you, even will die. Your single expression was enough for me to understand all your unsaid words. I know how much you desire to sing but can’t. I promised to be your voice and will be always.
  • I Love You, Mahish. Waiting for you to realize your feelings for me.
  • I took our childhood album and started adoring my Cutie Pie. I still remember the day we became friends.
  • Flashback ON
  • Melody’s (Author) POV
  • 11 Years Back
  • In school at lunchtime, all the kids came to the garden area to have their lunch. The garden has big tall trees with a vast area to play around. Nanmaya was eating with her friends. Her eyes caught a new boy sitting alone near a tree silently eating his food.
  • ‘I never saw him before in my school. He was looking so cute in our blue school uniform. But why he was sad?’ She thought.
  • Four, sixth class boys started talking to him but the cute boy was crying.  She knew the boys because they are her friend Kushi’s brother classmates. The curious cat in her had woken up, so she went to the nearby tree to hear them hiding behind a tree.
  • "You are dumb but going to music classes. How will you sing?" Boy 1 asked him.
  • Nanmaya kept a confused face. “What is meant by dumb?” She mumbled.
  • The cute boy was scared for the big boys, so he silently sat without raising his head. She was watching them curiously.
  • ‘He is so cute with his pink nose and shivering lips,’ she thought.
  • "Like this," boy 2 mimicked opening his mouth wide open moving his left hand in the air.
  • The boys laughed and gave high fives to each other. Nanmaya was not all understanding the reason for their laughing session. The cute boy’s innocent eyes started shedding tears. Those boys took his lunch box and made him wept further. She was curiously watching the situation.
  • "Nanu, what are you doing here?" Nanmaya felt a touch on her shoulder. Nanmaya got startled.
  • ɚɚɚ