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Chapter 13 ~ Shocked Yet Suprising

  • Nanmaya’s POV
  • I came to the music room which was our world. The wall was filled with our pictures, music designs, we painted. The right half of the room was filled with our awards, achievements, his favorite music instructions, sofas, chairs, two single coat beds, fridge and what not.
  • Sometimes we fall asleep after our practice sessions. My eyes caught the left side of the room. I still remember he arranged a big mirror, filled half of the wall. To give the best performance, first we should know what we are showing to the audience, so he made that arrangement.
  • This room has many beautiful memories which are still flashing in front of my eyelashes. Our laughter, fights, music, everything was special. When our parents said that we all are living together, we beamed at them like crazy kids. Dad gifted this room and asked to make them proud.
  • I went to the balcony. It was vastly filled with many plants around the wall. There was a wooden rectangular patio on the left side of the balcony covered with flame vine, bleeding heart vine, and bougainvillea plants along with colorful lights. We love greenery and always took care of them taking shifts but I'm the lazy one.
  • In the center of the balcony, Dad arranged a bench pillar though patio filled with chairs. We always sit on it rather than the chairs. Once we fought and he occupied the whole space. I don't have another bench to sit, so I made the home upside down to make another bench.
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