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Tasting the Flesh

  • Right after dinner, Amanda positioned her laptop in the mattress just like what she did last night. Noman was the first to pop in complete with a clear video feed of him in a moon-printed shirt. He waved a ‘hi’ on her way and Amanda returned a ‘hello’ back.
  • Just as he was about to start his daily interrogations about her experiences in the castle, Matteo’s number flashed on her cellphone screen, registered as his eleventh attempt of call for the day.
  • Amanda sighed and picked up the gadget lying next to the laptop.
  • “I better take this call, Dom. I have been ignoring Matt since this morning, ” she said while sitting in her mattress, Indian style.
  • Noman nodded. “Yeah, you should. I’ll just wait. I won’t log-out.”
  • Amanda pressed the answer button and right then and there, Matteo’s worried but stiff voice flowed. “You didn’t answer my calls Cait.”
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