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In The Master's Chamber

  • Using his ability, Cord disappeared from the throne room and materialized to where he felt Amanda’s weakening presence. Liquid shadows first enveloped him, from the foot to the head, and it dispersed, the moment he touched the grassy ground.
  • He scanned from side to side, trying to find any traces of the woman: her golden-brown locks maybe or just a silhouette of her body, but he found none.
  • Seething in anger, he directed his focus on her heartbeat again. He found it somewhere near the vicinity, very faint and decreasing, but the exact location of it was a mystery to him.
  • Where was she?
  • The biter who had the audacity to attack her had already fled. Cord couldn’t feel his presence anymore. But he would have wanted for the biter to stay, just so that he could exact revenge and tear his neck apart.
  • Aware that time was ticking, Cord continued to scan the area. His blindness didn’t even deter him. He looked and looked, making outlines as clear as he can, until he found an oddness in the pond.
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