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Chapter 8 Day 12 Part 1: Rescue And Fight

  • “Stop it, Lilith,” Heron ordered, glaring at her in warning, but the demoness continued her seduction on him freeing her second breast just like what she personally did in the first one. She ground her hips against his crotch hoping to notice a quick twitch of his sex member, but she didn’t get at least a teeny reaction from it.
  • Heron’s hands didn’t go down south. He didn’t intend to since the beginning even if she was already flashing her wet pus*sy on his front. Instead, he gripped tighter on her waist, sinking his growing nails into her delicate flesh. It should have been painful, enough to discourage her, but she was moaning, sounding erotically hyped up because of the pain.
  • What a twisted masochist bitch.
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