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Chapter 8

  • Ariana continues eating her food as everybody muttered their opinions. Ariana couldn't eat any more due to the stares she was getting so she stood up with her tray.
  • "Woah, slow down cutie". Chad the most brutal and mean boy at school said. Ariana tried passing but was waylaid.
  • " Just what the fuck do you want from me?". Ariana yelled with frustration.
  • "Good question cutie, how about a blowjob and a fuck session". Chad mocked to the amusement of everybody.
  • " don't waste your time chad she's too poor and way below standards ". A girl shouted ." yea she's poor but cuter than your plastic face". Chad smirked making everybody laugh at the girl who stumped away in embarrassment.
  • "Now cutie how about we go on a date then get things started". Chad continued as he held Ariana's hand. " let go of her Chad ". Kayden said as he walked towards Chad who grated his teeth out of anger.
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