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Chapter 4 The Race

  • “Good luck with the race, ” Noman stated just as he handed Amanda her race car helmet. They were just waiting for the final announcement, standing near the entrance of the track separated by thick fences that were waist-high. NASCAR staff and racing groups passed them from time to time. This was a usual occurrence Amanda had been accustomed to ever since she started joining races two years back.
  • Amanda reached for the helmet with a smile, but then Noman gripped it tighter whilst giving her a pout.
  • “But wait, ” he added, “I don’t think you’re going to need it. You’re practically the winner already.”
  • She rolled her eyes heavenward. “Shhh, don’t jinx me, Dom, ” she replied and then grabbed her helmet out of his hold. “Plus, there are a lot of skillful drivers in the race. It’s anyone’s game now.”
  • “I agree with you, but still my confidence in you is high. I practically bet five hundred dollars to see you win, ” Noman confessed.
  • With this, Amanda slapped his shoulder. “You did not! I told you not to gamble!”
  • The latter just shrugged his shoulders. “Well for you Sweet-cheeks, I couldn’t control myself.” He wiggled his brows at her and then changed the subject swiftly. “By the way, is Dominico dela Santamaria here?” He eyed the whole stretch of the race track ahead and some of the groups near them looking for that one special man under his radar. “I seriously got hots for that driver.”
  • Amanda bit her bottom lip and snickered. “Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe. You’ll see.”
  • Noman pinched her shoulders in reply. “Aww bah, you’re making me nervous. Come on witchy, tell me!”
  • But then the final announcement boomed through the speakers. The two of them stopped to listen.
  • “Whoops, there goes the announcement, ” Amanda winked at her best friend. She gripped her helmet tighter and stepped into the entrance gate. “See you at the finish line.”
  • “Sure Beautiful!” Noman threw a smile and a wave of a hand. “Break a leg.”
  • “And wearing the number 86 on her uniform, we have Ms. Amanda Caitlin O’Malley, the third woman to join this race and oh, what a beauty too!” the announcer cried out and then cheers erupted. “She represents the Wellington Racetech Limited Company from New Zealand. It’s her first time in this country so let’s give her a warm Belgian welcome!”
  • Amanda blew kisses, smiled and waved at the crowd when she entered the race track. The audience was enormous. They covered all seats of the viewing building and some were even standing up. She had been accustomed to this sight too and always it flutters her heart to see some cheering for her.
  • However, even with this many people, Amanda could see one that was different of all, and this certain spectator had her heart jumping almost to the roof.
  • Cord was standing at the farthest back of the seats wearing his signature black trench coat that mostly screamed of attention rather than repel it. This part of the viewing room, there was enough shade. The sun’s rays where high and angry this particular day, but then again, he wasn’t concerned one bit. He was after all the only dark one who had natural immunity to the sun.
  • Amanda grinned at his way, noting how funnily stoic he was in contrast with the noise and the hoopla around him.
  • Directing her attention back on the track, she weaved her way through the lined up motors and stopped where her company’s prized F1 was parked on the third lane. She adjusted her body suit first, wore her helmet and then entered the vehicle with grace and swiftness.
  • “Alright, this is it, ” she murmured to herself. She puffed her chest and released a long sigh when she grabbed the steering wheel. “This victory is for you, mom.”
  • She had past races before, all in different countries, sometimes landing at first place, sometimes at second or third. Such activity always followed a routine that Amanda didn’t need to be concerned. Practice, drive and win. Practice, drive and win. That was the cycle.
  • However, this particular race was different. She was now a full-pledged witch. She had her senses heightened and her reflexes enhanced. She was sure to win the race with her newfound abilities, but decided to control them instead to allow a fairer competition for the others. They were humans after all and they had no idea she was a supernatural.
  • However, Noman was right, she was sure to win this race mainly because of her skills on driving.
  • After waiting for a full minute, the green light lit up. The race cars, a total of twelve, dashed their way into the track like mad gazelles on wheels. Their tires bit the asphalt, screeching and wailing as they swerved to the right and then to the left.
  • The smell of diesel enveloped the whole venue. Loud noises from the engines and the shouts of the audience filled the air too.
  • Amanda grabbed the first spot immediately and she wasn’t letting it go. She stepped onto the pedal and fired up her engine even more to gain a larger gap between the other drivers.
  • Noman, seeing this, cried out a hooray. He clapped and clapped and also took pictures with his cellphone to capture the excitement of the race.
  • Cord, on the other hand, was as stoic as ever. He just stood there, his eyes nailed on Amanda’s car as it sped its way into the third lap, then to the fourth lap, then to the fifth wherein suddenly, he noticed her car briefly wiggle.