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Chapter 7

  • Happy
  • Although when we started studying the teachers requested for a laptop to be used after doing our work it was taken away from us. So Lia is always the one giving us answers, and I came out to them as bisexual, they were proud of me, I mean, they already knew when I kept calling Gal Gadot and Emilia Clarke "hot" I mean they are very beautiful, but it normal to say an actress was hot right? Yes, but Lia said when I talked about them, my eyes sparkled, and I blush a lot, and I lose focus like I was daydreaming about them fucking me or something; see, Lia is very straightforward with words, and she cusses a lot. True though, I was daydreaming about them doing those things to me. Gosh, I am blushing again. I should stop with this dirty thinking. This is Lia's fault.
  • After school, we had to go see our therapy. Lia came to pick us up; she has never missed any of our sessions, she enjoys driving us there. My friends were in awe when they saw the car she brought. Lia likes flaunting her cars; although she sells cars, she loves driving them. When I asked why she flaunts her cars, she would say it's for business purposes, look I drive my car so that when people see what am using they'll want to purchase it too so, you see it's for business purpose. Having seen her selling one of her cars in my presence, we had to walk home that day. She was so happy while I was angry. Sometimes I think she's so thirsty for money. 
  • I heard my friends gasp. I looked at Lia. She had changed her clothes, what the hell?! Was she trying to seduce someone or something? 
  • "Whoa, who is that," Williams said, trying to brush his hair well. 
  • "What was he trying to flirt with her? She's gay, you idiot." I let him go do what he wants to and have heard he had never been rejected before by any girls; for God's sake, he has even slept with Dani, but that's because she was questioning her sexuality then, and he was her first and last. 
  • "Bro, what happened? Did you get her number?" Dani asked.
  • "Nah, the bitch reflected on me." Addy and I glared at him. 
  • "Whoa, guys, why the glare?" I pointed at him.
  • "Don't you ever call her a bitch; that's my mom's girlfriend you're talking about."
  • "Wow, really!?" I nod.
  • "Damn, she's hot," which is true. I saw Lia waving at us. Addy went to meet her while I said bye to my friends.
  • "So, how was school? Did you guys have fun? Looks like you've made some friends?"
  • "It was so fun," Addy replied. I stared at her in shock. Sometimes when she talks, it surprises me; she's always quiet, but when she's with Lia, she easily talks, and she talks a lot, just like she's doing right now, she keeps saying what had happened today, and I kept adding where she left off. I think my sister has a crush on Lia. I have asked her about it. She would deny it, or she would just say, "she's cool," but now, I know she's crushing on her when she talks about Williams asking Lia out. She got so angry that she broke the pencil she was holding. 
  • "Whoa, calm down, baby girl," Lia said. She started blushing when Lia held her hand; see, this is just it, Addy has a crush.
  • We went in and saw our Mom. Addy ran to her and hugged her. Okay, I think my sister has bipolar or something, one minute, she's all touchy-feely, and the next, she's no touching; just look at her. She's letting Mom hold her, and she's telling Mom everything that happened. This is Addy, I know. She was always the close one to Mom; she never liked being separated from Mom. Even when Mom got punished and being locked up, she would always sneak in and make sure Mom was alright. Sometimes I think I am the older one, she behaves like a baby, I mean, who would shout at her sister and cry over it, even though being in the wrong, she would cry and apologize to me. Still, sometimes she would get really angry and stop talking to me for days, but when she's in her right sense, she would come to apologize to me as I said I am always in the wrong. It was like she's the perfect one and I don't know, I guess normal one. She was so good at a lot of things, I admire my sister a lot, Mr. Rogers trained us in a lot of things, he said he wants us to be the "perfect ladies," sometimes I wondered if he wanted to use us to please men or something, he made us learn a lot of instrument, even made us watch porn, I was surprised the day we watched porn and saw how some of them handling women, they did it so gently while other did it roughly, when I saw then doing it rough I called them monsters because that's how Mr. Rogers slept with my Mom, yes! Sometimes he made us watch how he rape our mother because I can't call what he did making love. He was never gentle towards her, not only her, a lot of ladies staying with him; he made us watch how he "pleasures them," that was what he called it. Which was a lie. He forced them to have sex with him. Nobody willingly gave their body to him. He's a monster, and that he's what he will always be to me.