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Chapter 6

  • The Group
  • I guess I would say school was fun today. I mean have met the good, the fuckboys, naughty student just in one day, people in this school are actually nice and very welcoming, even the teachers are friendly, they interact with the student as if they were siblings, maybe that's how people are, or maybe it's because it's our first time witnessing this. Even though we've been here for a year, we didn't go out much when we first arrived. We were always inside, scared to step out, thinking something bad would happen to us if we do go out, but gradually, we started going out. It took Lia six months to make us go outside the gate. We only spent time either in her garden or just walking around the field; Lia's house was huge. A lot of space, guess it all comes from the money her parent left for her. She's so rich, not like she wasn't before, but after she got the money that her brother stole from her, she is super-rich, but when you look at her, she's just a human being living a comfortable life. She's not like those spoilt rich people that think they have it all and they make use of their wealth to destroy innocent people. Oh, I saw it in movies, but Lia said not all of them are like that, she even used herself as an example, I mean she's rich, and she helps a lot of people, she even donates money to some orphanage home, and when people ask who did it, the reply they get is "it from an anonymous, good-hearted person" whatever that means. I guess you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. You don't know who will be your helper in the future, I always think ahead, I mean, I don't want to die young. I still have a lot of things I want to do and achieve. When we lived in "the compound," Addy always said, "What is the point of planning things about the future when we'll never leave this place?" Look at us now, we're out, and I will keep dreaming of my bright future.
  • Like I was saying, Lucas, Chad, and Dani are the naughty ones to me; they might look cool, but they love playing pranks on people and always get in trouble, that's why I call them naughty, but Violet said they're called "pranksters," but I don't care, they are naughty. And Jason's girlfriend Susan, she's the bad one, she's not welcoming at all, very rude when Violet introduced her to us, she stared at us like we don't deserve any greetings at all, what a bitch, I dislike her already. Lia said I shouldn't use the word "hate" because it's not good to hate someone. Instead, I should just say "dislike" I still don't get it, but I dislike her and her clique or whatever she calls it. They were all cheerleaders and very beautiful as well, but all of them has her manners. I guess she rubbed off on them. I mean, if they've been friends for a long time and always behaving like her, which will lead them nowhere, Lia always said, "be your person, don't always copy your friends just because their life is better than your own" and that is the display am witnessing with this girls, it will lead them nowhere in life. The good ones to me are Jason and Luke, they are so cool and welcoming and very nice even though Luke looks like a bully, but I guess he's a "softy," just as Violet said. The fuckboys Williams, Derek, Daniel, they keep flirting with me. When they tried it with my sister, she gave them a warning glare, which scared them. To me, my sister has a dark aura surrounding her. She's so scary sometimes, and I am sure she scared them off for good; even Dani is a fuckboy to me. She keeps flirting with girls and kissing them on the lips when they greet her. Violet said they're the girls she has slept with. They love her, and she's not even ashamed to count herself among them. Wow! I was surprised when she said to share with her, well who am I to tell her what to do? She's very beautiful and if sleeping around makes her happy, then who am I to judge her, but when I look at her eyes closed, she's been hurt by someone. Lia said some people sleep around just to get over their ex. I asked her about it one time when we were watching a movie, maybe that's why she's like this, you know, sleeping around, you don't know what happened until you ask, but since I am still new here I'll keep my comment and views to myself, it's better this way. 
  • I know you people will be wondering why I am always saying Lia, well she's a great person, and she loves teaching us new things; she wants us to experience life. She doesn't care what the question is; she would answer. I love asking my Mom questions, but there are some things I can't ask or tell her, so I turn to Lia for help and answers; after all, she's more experienced, I mean, how should I ask my mother words like queer, transgender, non-binary, I was kinda questioning my sexuality. I came across these words, no offense though, been locked up in the compound, we did not use any technology. Still, we've seen some people using it, one time we got curious, I mean it was new to us seeing them using it to make calls, chatting with it, I got so curious and stole Mr. Rogers' phone since his own was always around, everyone that uses a phone in the compound always uses the one that was just for calling and receiving messages but Mr. Rogers' phone was different. It was how I would put it, hmm, "special" I stole it trying to know what was so special about it, but I was caught.