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Chapter 4

  • Free
  • I had brought Luna back to town, rented a small place so that once I got her kids, we would escape. I asked Luna to draw them since she was good at it, she did, and they look so much like her. They looked nothing like my brother. I started getting ready to go back to the compound to search for them. Luna held me, "be careful, baby," she said and kissed me. I nodded and left. When I got there, it was chaos. It was like they were scared and searching for something, no, more like someone. I saw two maids coming closer to where I was standing, they started talking.
  • "Why is he blaming us for his children being missing? Wasn't he the one that told them to leave and go look for their mother? Now he wants them back? I heard he will go look for Luna by himself, poor girl. I hope they all found each other. They have suffered enough."
  • After what I heard, I went to the street and started looking for the kids, then I saw two girls run by, they were being chased, that must be them. I went after and caught up with them. I made sure I gave those goons the beating of their life. When we got home, I saw Luna in that state. I was devastated. My poor baby held her kids and was crying.
  • "Thank you, Lia, thank you for bringing my babies back to me." I nod. I guess the twins fell asleep on their mother. They must have been exhausted; I carried them in and laid them on the bed. I went back and took care of Luna's injuries. I have to end this. I am going to kill him if it is the only way he would let her go. How can you be so obsessed with a girl ever since she was thirteen? Up till now, he is still his. Luna was mine, and I will never let him take her away from me again. Even if I have to kill him for this, I will.
  • My friends at the FBI contacted me. They have been trying to build up a case against him. And we have found a lot of evidence like my parents' death. He was the one that tampered with their car when they told him I was going to get all of their properties since he won't change his ways. And the girls he raped were willing to testify against him. We had all we needed. I cried after hearing he was the one that killed our parents. How could he do that to them just for the property? How selfish of him. Well, this is coming to an end tomorrow.
  • I went and prepared food for the kids when they woke up. We all sat down and ate. 
  • "So, what is going to happen now?" Maddy asked. I later came to find out her name; her other sister didn't talk much. 
  • "Well, we will leave this town for good."
  • "Really, you mean that?" Addy asked quietly.
  • "Yes, anything for you, my love," I said to her. She blushed.
  • "So, where do you guys want to move to?" They were a little bit scared to tell me.
  • "Hey, don't be scared of me. I will never hurt you, okay?" They nodded. "So, where do you want to move to?"
  • "Florida," they said at the same time. We all laughed. 
  • "Alright, let me get everything sorted out." I started making preparations for us to leave early. I don't want us staying here any longer than today. After some hours, I got a call that everything was ready. 
  • "Alright, guys," I went to see all of them. They're so focused on the cartoon they were watching. "Hey, guys," I said, gaining their attention.
  • "What is it?" Luna asked when she noticed the way I was smiling. 
  • "We are moving to Florida."
  • "Yes!" they started screaming and shouting, and we hugged each other. I was so happy. We had nothing to take with us except for our clothes since they had nothing left.
  • The following day, we got prepared. I had told Luna what was going to happen to Henry today. She was so excited she wished she could watch how he would be dragged out of the house. We took our things and got outside, ready to leave when we heard a commotion going on. We got close to where it was only to find Mr. Rogers's body on the floor. 
  • "Wow-what happened to him?" I said, not knowing I was heard by a lady standing beside us.
  • "Well, he was poisoned by the girl he wanted to rape."
  • This is the best day ever, now we can finally live in peace. I turned to look at Luna and the twins. They were smiling, so happy that Mr. Rogers was finally killed by a girl. Well, I guess they didn't need to arrest him for anything. His body was displayed naked by the roadside while people kept spitting and throwing things on his dead body.
  • While going, we saw Luna's parents looking at her with guilt on their faces, but my Amour just looked at them and gave them the finger, saying, "fuck you," we started laughing while we got into the car, leaving this fucking town behind.
  • ///
  • So they think I am dead, this is good. Am coming for you Luna, you're mine, and you will always be mine. Even if it means killing those bastards to have you back, I will. You belong to me.