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Chapter 2

  • Broken
  • Lia's POV
  • It started again when she came to the house; we have met before, we didn't just meet before she was my girlfriend, but she wanted it to be kept a secret since she had not told her parent about her sexuality yet when she did, it did not go well, all the pressure and stuff she was going through, we had to stop seeing each other. It was not our first time, so she was comfortable with me being here. We talked a lot and got back together. I took her to my secret hideout in the compound, that was where we met every day. How much I have missed it now. I had to let it go, but I promise I'll be back for her.
  • I let her lay with me. I know when he wakes up, he will be looking for her. When we went down to have breakfast the next day, my brother was so fucking calm he was even smiling. 
  • "I am sorry, Luna, for what happened last night. I shouldn't have done that." We were surprised that my brother was apologizing to someone, especially a girl. 
  • "It's okay, Mr. Rogers." Then he turned to me. 
  • "So, Amelia, I have your papers and everything to go study abroad has paid your tuition, even your master's degree will be done there, don't come back to this house without those degrees,"
  • "B-But, no,"
  • "But I don't need you visiting my stay there and do as I say, do you understand?"
  • "Yes, I understand," I said, bowing my head; that is how we females talk to him. Nobody dares look into his eyes, especially if they were a girl unless the ones he wants to sleep with. 
  • "You will be leaving tomorrow," he said, leaving me speechless; why so soon?
  • After he left, I made sure to spend the remaining day making love to Luna in our secret hideout. I was so going to miss her. 
  • "Take care of yourself okay, I know things will be difficult once I am gone," but she held a finger to my lips. 
  • "It's okay, Lia; everything is going to be okay. I'll be waiting for you. Just promise me you'll be back." 
  • "I promise, amour."
  • Luna's POV
  • It's been a few days since Amelia left, and I am so scared I know something was not right. The house was so calm. Mr. Rogers has not been home for days now, but I know he'll be back soon. I was so tired today after helping plant some flowers around the compound I went to lay down trying to get some sleep, when I felt a presence before me. Before I could do anything, he held me down. 
  • "Finally, I am going to have my way with you. That little brat is gone now, and nobody is here to protect you." I tried struggling with him when he wanted to pull my clothes off. He used the back of his hand and slapped me. I think I blacked out because when I woke up, he was already inside me. I tried to scream but I couldn't. I just laid there and let him do what he wanted with me. After he was done, he took his clothes and left. I cried myself to sleep. I guess this is the new life I am going to be living now. I held onto the necklace Amelia bought for me tight. I miss her so much.
  • This went on for three good months. I had nobody to help me. I kept quiet and let him have his way with me. Amelia called a few times. I couldn't tell her, but she knew something was wrong, but what could she do about it? She can't come home to me, not now she has to stay there. I started getting sick. I didn't know what was going on; I fainted today. I guess the maids found me and called the doctors. "Congratulations, you are pregnant," he said. What am I going to do? Should I abort this baby? No! I shouldn't punish the child because of his father. 
  • What is going on here? Mr. Rogers came in with another girl. "Well, Sir, Luna is pregnant." 
  • "Oh well, none of my business. This is my new lady so respect her. You hear me, everyone,"
  • "Yes, Mr. Rogers." Thank God he was going to let me be. He has found someone else. I felt bad for her. She looked younger than me. I am nineteen; she looks like seventeen. I hope she will be okay, like whoever is okay after staying here. You just can't escape this place unless he tells you to leave. Am pregnant; that is what I should focus on, my baby.
  • It's been fifteen years since I have been staying here. I can't leave and have tried to escape with my children, but we were found and locked in Mr. Roger's 'special room' I don't know why he won't let me go. He has a different new girl every six months. What else does he want from me? Oh, I forgot I gave birth to twins, girls. They are so beautiful they look nothing like their father. They have my hair color, nose, lips, but they got their eyes from Amelia. She always had sparkling green eyes, which she got from her father; Mr. Rogers didn't have his father's eye, he had his mother's brown eye; thank goodness they look nothing like that monster, he didn't even treat them like they were his children, he slapped them if they did something wrong, he had even flogged them with his belt, what a monster he is.
  • I was starting to get more scared of the way he has been looking at his children. This was the same way he was always staring at me when I was younger. I was always protected by my father until everything happened, none of them had come to see me this past few years, and Amelia was gone. Mr. Rogers told me she was dead and that her ship had gone missing eight years ago when she was traveling; others were found, but she wasn't. I cried when I heard the news. I had nobody to help my kids and me, but I am going to leave this place.