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Chapter 34

  • Four months ago
  • Cassie squeezed her hands together nervously as she sat in the dark boot at Lenny’s and waited for her date to show up. It was her first time saying yes to someone from the dating app, and she was bubbling with nerves. What if she doesn't like her? Or what if she isn't her type? Or what if someone at her school was playing a joke? After all, she had used her picture and name, so it could be plausible that someone would know who she was and catfish her. Cass, however, hoped she is wrong, prayed tonight would go smoothly. Instead of one of the many ways she believed it would go wrong. Feeling anxious, She checked her watch for the third time. She had arrived fifteen minutes early, and only ten minutes had passed, so her date wasn’t late. Still, she couldn’t calm her nerves. And it only got worse when the five minutes passed and then another ten. Her date was now ten minutes late; she looked at the barely visible door and fumes. She had not thought of the possibility of being stood up, but right now, it was the only thing on her mind.
  • “Maybe I should leave.” She says out loud to herself.
  • “That would make me very sad. I was looking forward to seeing you today, Cass.” The familiar shocked her, but she shook it off, hoping to see the cute redhead she grew to like based on their texts. But she had heard correctly because instead of Ezra, Keira was standing at her booth. Keira, The popular girl and her sworn enemy at school. So it was a prank, after all. Cassie got up immediately and dashed for the door feeling tears burning her eyes. She should have known it was too good to be true. She could never meet someone and date them. Not in this small town.
  • “Cass.” She heard Keira shouting behind her, but she refused to stop. Instead, she sprinted towards the woods needing to be anywhere else but here. She ran for a couple of minutes until she could no longer hear Keira’s voice, and then she sank to her knees, tearing up. All the time spent talking was nothing more than a cruel prank by a shallow bully. She had grown to like Ezra over the last two weeks, so this felt like a crushing blow. Would she ever get a girlfriend? Or did she have to wait until she moved away for college?
  • “Why did you run?” Cass looks up suddenly to see Keira standing before her.
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