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Chapter 29

  • Xavier 
  • As we get closer, that feeling of familiarity returns, and for some reason, I know where to go. 
  • “We can enter from the left side.” We run towards the entrance, which is a tunnel that leads to the cellar sealed with an iron door. I’m sure I have never been here, but this doorway says differently. It feels like I’ve been here before sneaking in. I know it leads to the wine cellar, though, so I must have been here before. 
  • The noise dies down as we shift back to human and pull the door open. There is a  loud bang, but they shouldn’t hear it unless they are in the cellar. The cellar is covered in dust and empty bottles, probably raided by local teenagers looking for a good time. 
  • “Xylas.” 
  • “Xylas.” I try to call him again, hoping that now we’re inside, the spell won’t work, but he still doesn’t answer. 
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