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Chapter 20

  • Elina
  • My heart thumps in my chest as Xavier's lips touch mine. I should pull away; he’s annoying and confusing. One minute he hates me, and next, he’s trying to kiss me. I should reject him, but I can’t because I want to feel his lips against mine every time I look at him. I close my eyes, anticipating the moment his lips will crush down and mine.
  • “Babe?” Her screeching voice comes crashing down. I pull back instantly as she walks up to us. What am I doing? He has a girlfriend. Even if I dislike her, I should respect their relationship regardless of Xavier and my past.
  • “Kei..” He looks at her and then back at me as if he’s conflicted.
  • “What are you doing? The movie’s about to start.” She replies sweetly while her eyes look like they could kill. I guess I would be mad too if I saw my boyfriend about to kiss someone.
  • “Babe…” she calls again because Xavier is still holding on to my hand and looking at me. This time, however, he releases it and turns to her.
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