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Chapter 13

  • Elina
  • I watch, mesmerized as they continue to fight.
  • “You were always too weak and a coward,” Xerxes growls. Titus jumps to his feet and lunges at him again. Xerxes dodges him and swings a right hook in his jaw, causing him to stagger and fall to the ground.
  • “I am a coward; you are right. But there is no honor when you are dead.” He shouts, pulling a red necklace from his pocket. He throws it over his neck and immediately shifts into a wolf. Then he runs full speed lunging at Xerxes before he can react, biting him on his leg. Xerxes cries out as he rips his flesh out. He doubles over on the ground. Titus wolf continues his attack on Xerxes, biting and scratching. Xerxes starts rising to his feet. He swings his arm, knocking the wolf down. Then he goes to one of the dead wolves and pluck the necklace off their neck and shift into his wolf.
  • “I pump my fist into the air. Yes, now they are on a level playing field. Xerxes’s wolf growls and lunges at Titus. He catches him by the throat, about to sink in when Katerina screams.
  • “Mom!” Xavier shouts, and Xerxes releases his bite and looks around. Katerina is being choked by a cloaked man. Xavier runs to her side, but there is nothing he can do. Xerxes growls loud then runs towards; Titus takes this as his chance. He shifts back to his human form, pulls a knife from his pockets, and stabs Xerxes in his back. Xerxes growls from the pain collapsing and shifting back.
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