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Chapter 10

  • Elina
  • ******
  • I look down at my bleeding legs, which are covered in bite marks.  Pain simmers deep into each wound. I breathe heavily, looking for a way out; he’s been gone for five minutes. I need to get up; I need to leave before he returns and kills me.  I try to stand but immediately fall because my legs are too weak. I’m too weak.
  • “You pathetic thing.” My heart race as his voice pierces my eardrum like a knife. He appears before me smirking; my head hurts, the bite hurts, but the betrayal feels worse; he saved me multiple times. He said he had no reason to kill me, so why now? Did he find out something about our connection and want to get rid of me because of it?
  • “Xavier, please...we’ll break the bond, I’ll break it, please don’t kill me.” I try to beg, but my cries don't seem to touch his heart. Instead, he laughs, a maniacal devilish laugh; why is he like this? Was he always like this?
  • “You’re a weak witch who couldn’t even kill a demon wolf. So why would I trust you? All I have to do is kill you, and I’ll be free.” So that is it; he wants to kill me because of a bond that I didn't create or understand. 
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