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Chapter 999 Death Anniversary

  • “I’ll give you one last chance. Tell me where the Holy Chestnut is found and I’ll spare your life,” Ximen Chang let out a sneer as he threatened Han Jingru. All he cared about was getting more Holy Chestnuts, so Han Jingru’s life certainly did not mean anything to him. Ultimately, he did not want Han Jingru to carry this piece of invaluable information to his grave.
  • “Given your position as head of the Ximen family, you would still kill me even after I tell you where it’s found,” Han Jingru said with a mocking smile as he knew Ximen Chang’s arrogance would get in his way.
  • Though he was not afraid of the Ninth Stage fighter standing before him, Fei Ling’er’s sudden appearance made him feel as though he was being spied on.
  • The more exposed he was, the more Fei Ling’er could see through him. On the contrary, he barely knew anything about her.
  • “You have a relatively good sense of awareness. Well, perhaps I’ll let you go mercifully, or maybe I’ll give you a quick death so you don’t feel too much pain,” said Ximen Chang.
  • Han Jingru scoffed in response and challenged him, “Since you’re going to kill me either way, why should I reveal the location of the Holy Chestnut to you? Besides, it’s located in a place more dangerous than the Dark Forest. Are you able to handle that?”
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