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Chapter 987 The Auction Begins

  • Even though Zhong Zhi had already left, the words he said left Feng Qing and Feng Ye in a state of uncertainty.
  • “Father, what does he mean by that?” Feng Ye was puzzled and asked Feng Qing.
  • The ticket of the highest tier that only the most prestigious family, the Ximen family, could get their hands on. How did it end up in the hands of that chap?
  • Feng Qing was perplexed. The status of the Ximen family was incomparable to that of any other person in this nation.
  • Could it be the Emperor himself? Even so, it was impossible that the Emperor would personally visit Fengshang City.
  • “Hmph,” Feng Qing sighed coldly and said, ”I think Zhong Zhi must be trying to make us confused on purpose. Who knew what he actually meant?”
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