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Chapter 966 Will This Be Enough

  • Huang Xiaoyong became even more unsatisfied when he heard the word “lower-level.” What’s the point of coming here if we can’t participate at the highest level? I don’t have anything on me now that I can auction off.
  • “What are we going to do, Master?”
  • Han Jingru saw no problem in this, for he knew the red fruit he was holding was a valuable item. However, that was only his opinion. He did not know how valuable it was to others. I wonder if it’ll be enough.
  • “I’m sorry. If you don’t meet the requirements, we’ll not force you to participate. But please don’t hold me here.” Though Liu Ding sounded polite, the meaning behind his words was clear- to ask them to leave.
  • Huang Xiaoyong grew infuriated by the man’s behavior. Even so, he watched his words because the other man had not made things difficult for them yet.
  • “What’s the rush? Let my Master think,” he answered.
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