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Chapter 961 Prepare More Money

  • Huang Houyi had wanted to meet Han Jingru for quite some time, but he had never had the chance. The previous time the latter came to the governor’s residence, he wasn’t around - it was always a missed opportunity.
  • Upon seeing the guards escorting such an extraordinary man, Huang Houyi knew Han Jingru had arrived. So, he walked towards the latter excitedly.
  • Even though he was the governor, Huang Houyi showed immense respect. He clasped both his hands into a fist and bowed his body slightly as he said, “Are you Huang Xiaoyong’s Master, Han Jingru?”
  • Han Jingru smiled after seeing how humble Huang Houyi was, despite him being the governor.
  • “Yes. And you must be the governor,” the former said.
  • Huang Houyi waved his hand slightly, and the guards left them alone.
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