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Chapter 960 Fengshang City

  • Ever since Fei Ling’er stayed in the house in Xenos, Bailing Wan’er had always been vigilant towards her and treated her as a competitor. Sometimes she would even try to catch Han Jingru’s attention by showing off her skills.
  • Despite Bailing Wan’er’s overreaction, Fei Ling’er wasn’t affected much by it, nor did she ever purposely outperform the former. Instead, the woman was indifferent about it. As long as it’s something Bailing Wan’er wanted, Fei Ling’er would step aside and let the woman have it instead.
  • That day, Han Jingru sat in the courtyard with a solemn look on his face. He’d sigh from time to time. Fei Ling’er noticed that and walked towards him.
  • “You look distressed. Are you hesitant about going to the Imperial Court?” she asked him bluntly.
  • The man knew that the little girl knew everything, so he wasn’t shocked by her question. However, he was worried about something that wasn’t about the Imperial Court. A sense of inexplicable premonition had taken over him.
  • “It’s got nothing to do with Imperial Court,” he replied.
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