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Chapter 959 Reappointing Head Of Three Halls

  • “He Qingfeng got his just desserts for stirring up internal strife in Apocalypse. Is there anyone who would like to follow in his footsteps?” Su Yimo’s tone was subtle but impactful.
  • All the skilled fighters of Three Halls remained subdued. Even those closest to He Qingfeng had to act with discretion as they knew remonstrating on his behalf would mean certain death.
  • He had indeed started the infighting and transgressed the rules of the organization. Hence, punishment by death was just and inevitable.
  • “If no one is intending to avenge him, why are all of you still standing around?” Su Yimo continued.
  • With that, the members of Three Halls started leaving. Not even one of them stopped to collect He Qingfeng’s body for there was nothing more to gain from further association with him now that the man was dead.
  • Counting on the will of one individual to dominate Three Halls was something that even Mr. Yi himself could not muster. He had only lamentation for the present predicament.
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