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Chapter 952 My Own Decision

  • Han Jingru!
  • Upon hearing the name, He Xiaoxiao grew furious.
  • Even though she had reached the Bronze rank, Zhuang Tang and Gong Tian did not seem to bear a single ounce of respect for her. He Xiaoxiao had not understood the reason before. With this revelation, she finally knew that these two were in fact Han Jingru’s trusted aides.
  • They were perhaps too courageous and even foolhardy to completely ignore Apocalypse’s iron rules. Instead, they chose to obey Han Jingru’s words as their only source of rules.
  • Doesn’t this make Han Jingru’s authority reign above the whole of Apocalypse? That’s ridiculous!
  • “I think you all must be crazy. This is Apocalypse! For you to regard his words as the rules, are you belittling the whole Apocalypse over a single man?” exclaimed He Xiaoxiao between her gritted teeth.
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