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Chapter 951 He Xiaoxiao Blocks The Way

  • On the way to Apocalypse, both Su Yimo and her daughter encountered several waves of attacks. Obviously, the objective of the opposite side was their death. They were relentless, but having absorbed the capsule left behind by Fu Yao, Su Yimo’s strength had grown really strong. As her level was way beyond the reach of ordinary people, the attacks launched by her assailants posed no threat to her.
  • The kind-hearted Su Yimo graciously let her assailants escape with tails between their legs. Although she did not know why these assailants wanted to kill her and her daughter, Han Xiang, she had one thing in common with Han Jingru - unless forced beyond any other means, she still would not willfully take the life of others.
  • “Mom, why are there so many bad people?” asked Han Xiang to Su Yimo confusedly.
  • She held Han Xiang and patted the little girl’s head then she said, “Because there is a big bad person planning and instructing these people to do bad things. Once Mom finds out the big bad mastermind, they won’t do bad things again in the future.”
  • Han Xiang nodded without understanding anything and uttered, “Oh.”
  • “Mom, where’s Daddy?” Han Xiang quizzed.
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