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Chapter 934 Evil Thoughts

  • Chen Tiexin bit his lips trying to wrap his head around the riddle. He gestured the servant to leave them alone, to which the servant bowed courteously and left without further ado.
  • “Father, what do you make of it?” He asked in a solemn tone.
  • Chen Yuanhai clicked his tongue and drilled his gaze into the pond as he thought hard. The three people who came last time should probably be back at the Imperial Court by now. Why on earth does the Imperial Court still need to send more people over to find out about them?
  • It seems like Han Jingru is not the only reason for their trip.
  • “What bugs me the most is why they want to find out more about the three people who already went back to the Imperial Court.” Chen Yuanhai noted.
  • “Those who came last time were all in the Seventh Stage. This trio is invincible, so I don’t think there are any chances of them getting into an accident after they leave the city.” Chen Tiexin analyzed.
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