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Chapter 933 No Ifs

  • The Imperial Court was never a threat to him. Even the Emperor meant nothing to him. But Han Jingru would still avoid a direct conflict with the Imperial Court because he thought that would be too much of a hassle. Unless the situation called for it, he would not confront them. He would rather move elsewhere, since venturing through the Dark Forest was easy as ABC for him.
  • He would try not to let things go out of hand, considering the fact that he still had not found Jiang Yingying.
  • Since he brought her to Xenos, he must also bring her back.
  • “Master, are you really not afraid at all?” Huang Xiaoyong asked worriedly.
  • “Afraid? You can cut all ties with me if you’re so scared.” Han Jingru said with a laugh.
  • Cutting ties with my Master?
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