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Chapter 926 An Iceberg That Never Melts

  • Han Jingru did not reply to Chen Yanran’s question. “I have nothing to do with your family anymore. Thus, these things do not mean anything to you as well. Now that you’ve asked your questions, please leave.”
  • Yet, the woman shook her head. She wasn’t going to give up so easily as she still hoped to win the man back. Her goal was to bring him back as a part of the Chen family.
  • There was a reason for her to make such a decision. As the Chen family continued to lose their standing in Longyun City, only Han Jingru could save them now.
  • If he agreed to return to them, it would be great news for Chen Tiexin as he did not have to run across the continent to look for a Master anymore.
  • Her family was only strong in name. To prove that their family were a force not to reckon with, they needed Chen Tiexin to become a fighter.
  • “I’m not leaving,” announced Chen Yanran.
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