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Chapter 91 Insect

  • “I’ll get my uncle to kill you! I’LL KILL YOU!!!” Rong Liu touched the bald part of her scalp and screamed hysterically at Han Jingru.
  • When Yang Wen saw Rong Liu’s devastated state, he covered his bleeding mouth and ran towards her, “Don’t worry, I will not let him leave here alive!”
  • “Han Jingru, you are a dead man walking! I will make sure you pay the most painful price!” Yang Wen turned his head around and looked at Han Jingru viciously. Yang Qi treated him like his own son and Rong Liu was just like his daughter in law. Now that Han Jingru cruelly tore off her hair, Yang Qi wouldn’t let him off easily.
  • “Yang Qi.” Han Jingru yelled with a cold voice.
  • Yang Qi was still trembling on the floor by the doorstep. When he heard that, he jerked up and ran right into the hall.
  • “They are finished, Yang Qi is here!”
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